March 25, 2016

Are you driving with your headlights off in your business?

Over the weekend I read – Aussie Grit by Mark Webber.

As a lover of all things motor sport, Webber’s career was one of many race drivers that I have followed over the years. His Aussie attitude was certainly something that differentiates him from the usual Formula 1 drivers as did his exceptional driving skills which kept me interested in his career which spanned over 12 years at the elite level of F1.

There is something to be said for the determination that people have to reach their business goals. Whether they are sports people such as Mark Webber or the average Australian Business person trying to make a go of it, one thing I have learned is that those who are most successful over the longer term, they all have a plan.

A plan that involves not only point A being where the are today and point B being the ultimate destination but a detailed plan of how they are going to get there and at what point along the way they will review and adjust the plan so that when a road bump is reached the outcome has already been managed.

Webber was no exception, over 20 years ago his partner Ann had a plan which they both worked towards and would take him to his ultimate destination – becoming a Formula 1 driver.

During my research of speaking to over 100 small small business owners about their businesses, I have found that over 95% of them don’t have a financial plan and the three main reasons are:

  1. Not enough money
  2. Not enough time
  3. Not enough resources/contacts

The vicious circle of money, time and resources – we don’t have the time, to concentrate on making more money and without more money we can’t take the time to get better resources or betters contacts.

Webber was short on all of these three also at the start. He had his plan and then he begun to get more money through picking up the phone and contacting sponsors and potential sponsors, he built more contacts through those phones calls which opened other doors for him and he found the time because he had the final destination in mind at all times.

All my new clients come to me because they didn’t have a plan for the business finances and not only is their business is suffering, so is their health.

Imagine you are driving down the highway with you and your family or best mates in the car and its night time, the problem is none of you have seat belt on and the headlights are off.

Crazy? Yes

Would you do it? Not likely!

Why? because it is an accident waiting to happen.

Yet most small business owners are doing exactly that by not knowing the numbers of their business.

How safely are you traveling to your ultimate destination?

Ready to take a safer route?

Contact Katie today to help you start your journey.


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March 25, 2016 at 2:53 PM

nice article, thanks.


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